Audio Class Notes

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Record Class on iPhone, Save Your Lecture Notes And Study Anywhere

Audio Class Notes is an audio lecture recorder and note taking utility for iPhone and iPod Touch designed with students in mind. Best of all, you can use it for FREE!

Record class notes, get better grades

Audio Class Notes allows you to record your lecture notes, and tag and describe important points so you can listen to them again quickly at a later time. Audio Class Notes makes it easy to record on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Writing down notes by hand is slow and it is very easy to miss important information. Audio Class Notes makes taking lecture notes effortless, and makes sure you will never miss another key topic again.

Audio Class Notes is a daydreamer's best friend. This app can save your grades if your attention drifts in class. You can easily go back and hear what you missed without any stress. What other note taking system can say that?

Audio Class Notes is not just another app that lets you record on iPhone. It was made specifically with students' needs in mind. Audio Class Notes also allows you to tag your lectures with short descriptive notes. When you play back the audio, you can touch on the tag and jump instantly to the time in the lecture you wanted to hear. It saves a ton of time when studying.

Are you having a rough time understanding a certain concept in your lecture? Tag it and hear your teacher explain it again as often as you want with just a touch! Do you have a big test coming up? Refresh your memory quickly and easily by jumping right to the explanations, without having to listen to an entire lecture.

Make time to study

Save time by studying while walking to class or working out, anywhere you have your iPod. This app is truly a must-have for high school and college students with busy schedules.

Get Audio Class Notes now! If you don't record your next lecture, you can't play it back later! Every lecture that goes by unrecorded is another lecture stuck on paper. Get Audio Class Notes, record on your iPhone, and hear your lecture notes as they should be heard!

Audio Class Notes is available now as a free, ad-supported version with all the functionality of the full version. Audio Class Notes is also available as a paid version with no ads.

Audio Class Notes requires a microphone to record on iPhone. For best results, use a plugged-in microphone. The one on the headphones included with the iPod Touch/iPhone will work well.